Curriculum Vitæ

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Personal information

Social situation Student
Nationality Belgian
Date of birth April 1st 1990
Place of birth Brussels

Education & learning

2002–2008 High school, at the Athénée Royal Robert Campin in Tournai.
Lower degree of secondary education in Latin & mathematics.
Higher degree of secondary education in mathematics & science.
2008-2012 University of Mons.
Bachelor in Computer Science.
2012 until now University of Mons.
Master in Computer Science.
I am currently a second year Master’s student.

Professional experience

July 2006 Human billboard, Roi du Matelas, Tournai.
July & August 2007 HORECA, Tribalya, Carrière de l’Orient, Tournai.
March 2008 Internship, Exell, Mons. Organized by my high school
July 2008 HORECA, Tribalya, Carrière de l’Orient, Tournai.
Août 2008 Container park guardian, Ipalle, Tournai.
July 2009 Container park guardian, Ipalle, Tournai.
July 2009 Playground monitor, Tournai.
September 2012 Student job, Carrefour, Froyennes.

Computer skills

Planification PERT, Gantt
Design UML
Paradigm Imperative, fonctional, object-oriented programming
Algorithms Computability, complexity, heuristics & approximation algorithms, data structures (queues, stacks, lists, hashtables, trees, …)
Programming language Good knowledge of Java, Scala and Python, knowledge of C, C#, Scheme, Ocaml and Prolog
Web Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, XSLT, XPath, Javascript, JSON
Networks OSI Model, IP, TCP, UDP, routing protocols (OSPF, RIP, ISIS, BGP, …), Wireless & mobile, Wireless Sensor Network, IPv6
Security Networks, Application & Operating System, cryptography
Database Knowledge of MySQL & SQLite, XQuery, Datalog
Operating System Knowledge of GNU/Linux & Windows
Mobile Android Development
Source code management Git, Subversion
Other Latex, bioinformatics, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, graph theory

Language skills

French Excellent Native language
Dutch Intermediate level Being improved
English Good IT specialized

Personal interests

Informatics I am passionate about computers since I first put my hands on a computer at the age of 6. From then I knew that I would work in this field.
Sports I like sports in overall, and especially basketball which I practiced in a club for 12 years.

My strengths

~ I like learning things and I do it with a smile. I am friendly and sociable. I am motivated.
~ I know what a team is, and I know everyone’s responsibility.


~ I have a driving license B.
~ 2 years of administration of an online gaming server.
~ President of the Computer Club of UMons.

Quentin Loos

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